Checking in With Our Good Friend OH Napier

by:Matt Jones10/19/06

You remember the guy on the right? Yeah of course you do….he is Oh Napier from Breathitt County who sang the famous song “Tubby Final Four or Hit the Door.” We here at Kentucky Sports Radio of course discovered Oh a few months ago, and since things have come in bundles for him. First the fine ffolks at Deadspin and CBSSportsline did features on Napier and he became an internet celebrity for a short period of time. Most of us of course believed that this would be the end of Oh’s 15 minutes of fame and that soon after the Tubby Smith song had gone the way of the dodo bird, OH would be just a memory from days gone by.

Well hang on just a second my friends. Oh Napier is back and with a vengeance!!! And what is he doing…..well running for Breathitt County Judge Executive of course. OH Napier has produced his an OFFICIAL WEBSITE for those wanting to cast their ballots for Oh Napier. Now of course that website has a ton of gems (seriously just surf a little on it), but OH has much more than just a position. He also has an “official” campaign song. Now I am going to tell you right now……no matter WHAT YOU ARE DOING, go to this website and listen to the “Vote OH for Judge” (the best one) and “Women Vote for Me” songs. Seriously just do it……scroll down, click on “hifi” and listen. I PROMISE you wont be disappointed.

And until then, enjoy OH’s campaign position paper. And of course, if OH’s opponent wants equal time, we will be glad to grant it:

A man told me many years ago that Breathitt County needed me to be sober and that I would help this County one day and would make a great county Judge. I guess the man is dead now as many yrs ago he drove up from Berea Ky to visit where his grandpa was buried at up at Whick. His last name was Strong and he a grandson of Capt. Bill Strong which many of you have heard about as he was famous for fighting in the Civil war here in Breathitt county in the late 1800’s. I done some Genealogy work for him and we became good friends and he would stop by and pick me and my wife- at the time Carolyn -up and take us up by the graveyard. He was a very smart man. One time we stopped by the Guy Burt Bellamy who is president of the Citizen bank’s father’s house as they were very good friends and they talked about the times they had spent at Whick as children. Then we stopped by the late Kelly Thompson’s house and we all set out on the front porch. Anyways from that day on I have thought about what he said. I was drinking at the time but that man saw the good in me and how I would help this county one day if I could.

Driving up the road while ago I thought about that time and decided I would share it with you the people of Breathitt County. As many of you know I am running on the write-in ballot in Nov. For the life of me I don’t know the exact day. Starting today I am going to share my thoughts with you about my feelings of how I can help this county and us the people. This is my website so I can write exactly what I think. The spelling won’t be as good or the use of verbs and so on as English was never my favorite subject but what I am saying is there will be no editors cutting my writing or telling me what I can say and not say. I respect the editors of the local papers as if they let one candidate say his part then the other one should too. So I will not be saying anything about the up-coming election in the Voice which I write a weekly article in and I love doing it very much. What I am saying is this is my paper, my website and I will say what I want to say and share my true thoughts with you.

All of us know that much money was spent in May on both sides and that is fine with me. Now the side that won does not want to or most likely will not spend any money in November so in the upcoming election a poor man stands a chance. I know many people and many people know me. There is no one that can say that I have ever lied to them or stole anything from them. I was raised an honest man and I hate a thief. A thief can change his ways and I have seen it happen and that is good. A drunk can change his ways and I have seen it happen and matter of fact I am one of them. But being a drunk hurt me more than anyone else. Being a thief hurts others and that is the worst kind. Them days are over with. I am looking forward and living a better life than ever and I am a sober man. There is nothing wrong in drinking a beer but there is a lot wrong with drinking it every day and night for 20 years. Thank God I had the strength and sense enough to stop.

I am fifty years old and I have a college education. I am smart enough on computers to help this county by contacting people that can help us get good things to happen in this county. I am willing to donate all my time to help this county. Being a single man I will make the job of Judge a Full Time job. I will look at it as an opportunity to help us all and most of all the children. I will take a big part of the Judges Salary and go up and down the roads and find people that will use like $500 that I will take out of the Salary of the Judge at least twice a month to give to families in need. I will pick who I want to give the money too. No one can tell me. That is my first Promise That I am making. That means One Thoudsand Dollars each month will go straight from my pocket back to the people of this county.

So I will close for now. I am just now beginning to share with you what We can do together. My Friends and all Breathitt County people this is our time to get back our County which rightfully belongs to us. So please take time and watch me over the next few weeks and you decide which is the best man for the job. I am limited in what I can do right now But if you give me the chance I will show you. I live right here with you. I will be here with you every day until I die. I have no reason to lie to you. People know that I draw enough money to live on But I want to do more with my intelligence That I worked hard to get by going to College. No Daddy or Mommy put me through school and I done it all on my own. Being an orphan since the age of seven I did not Give up. Being an Alcoholic Did Not stop me. I want to use my ability to help you and this county. I am not in the election for Power or Money. People that know me know that I am telling the truth.

So I am closing for now as I have said enough today to let you know that I am running for Breathitt County Judge. I have many friends that need help and my friends are all of you. This time lets start over. I mean really start over. Elect a poor man like the most of you are for Judge and let’s see what we can do for a change. Not line a certain few people or families with all the money but SPEAD it out all over the county to the head of every holler and every stream in the mountains of Breathitt County. I am not going back and editing anything so if you read something that makes no sence ask me about it and I will talk with you. What I have said or tried to say is all here in my heart. THANK YOU; OH

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