Cheer Yourself Up

Cheer Yourself Up

Kalan Kuceraover 6 years


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51e1e6e4f914c9ffb62cc4b9bfadef45 I don't know about all of you, but I'm assuming your weekend wasn't great.  Mine was awful.  I'm still not over the loss and I'm not sure when I'll be back to 100%.  I wasn't able to leave the house on Sunday due to this sadness, so I didn't go see a new movie or anything.  Instead, I've compiled a list of five things to watch, current available (or soon to be) on-demand for you to try and cheer yourself up. 1.  This is Spinal Tap (Netflix) The best mockumentary of all time (there's a more recent close second that should be coming soon), there's no way that this goofy, well-written movie won't cheer you up.  I dare you to get Stonehenge out of your head once it's there. 2.  Too Cute! (Hulu Plus) Because everyone is cheered by watching baby animals doing anything.  Kittens, little hedgehogs, little sloths, puppies, you got it my friend.  Watch this until your heart explodes because, eventually, it shall amigo. landscape_nrm_1421940332-kimmy-schmidt 3.  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) Like Megan wrote a couple of weeks ago, the pitch for this show is awful.  Yet, the more you watch of it, the more joy you'll start to feel.  No matter what Kimmy encounters in New York she has a great, happy spirit.  It's pretty infectious and the show, produced by SNL and 30 Rock vet Tina Fey, is just a happy, joyous viewing. b640x600 4. Leprechaun 6: Back 2 Da Hood (Netflix) Trust me.  Just trust me. 5. Hot Fuzz (Netflix on 04/16) This amazing cop spoof will make you laugh and will give you the opportunity to relish in bad people (probably from Wisconsin) getting punched in the face.  Along with Shaun of the Dead and The World's End this is a third of Edgar Wright's 'Three Flavour Cornetto' Trilogy.  I swear you'll enjoy it.
Next week life as normal can go on.  Reviews of movies, tv, music can resume unmolested by the overwhelming emotion of basketball season.  I hope the above can help both you and I cheer up a bit.  Hold on strong BBN.  Things will get better.  

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