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ccosby As the famous wrestler The Rock once said, "FINALLLLLLYYY, Chip Cosby has COME BACK to Kentucky Sports Radio!" Today is a big day for us as it marks the return of one of our favorite people to the KSR fold, Chip Cosby. The most well-dressed man in the sportswriting profession will be on Kentucky Sports Radio at 10:30 am on 1080 AM, but more importantly will be back around the KSR crew for interviews and website appearances. Chip is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and covers UK football as well as anyone could. He has been a friend to KSR and me personally over the years and we have missed having him around due to this site's silly disputes with the Herald Leader. After a number of productive conversations with the Editor of the newspaper, we reached detente on the issues that were conflicting between us, allowing Chip to be back on our various platforms. I look forward to having Chip on the show and for his help this Spring, when he says he will pick my colorful suit for the Kentucky Derby. To the news: --- Most of today was spent rehashing the loss in Oxford on Saturday. The key elements have all been discussed ad naseum, but what it all boils down to is that Kentucky handed a game to an SEC team on the road that it really needed to win. However, a regrouping performance on Saturday can turn things around. Auburn and Cam Newton are playing as well as any team not ranked in the Top 4 in America and will come into Commonwealth with a winning streak and a national television audience. If there ever was a chance to make a reversal of fortune and a splash, Saturday night would be that time. The Defense must get better however and if the Cats' history with running QBs is any indication, they may need a Herculean effort to pull off the upset. --- Some of my earlier comments from yesterday may have been a bit misinterpreted concerning the UK QB situation. I still believe that Mike Hartline is by far the best option at the position, so long as Randall Cobb is not considered in the running. The reality is that if Morgan Newton or Ryan Mossakowski was an upgrade, the coaches would have gone with them before the season, but at this point Hartline gives UK the best chance to win. I continue to also believe that he played a pretty good game Saturday outside of the one terrible INT throw. That throw turned the game around and still sticks with me today. But I dont believe a change should be made and at this point wouldnt consider it. It would take a total disaster from Hartline against Auburn to make me change that position and with what we have seen this year, I dont expect that to occur. --- Because none of the games next weekend are great, there is still no game time for Saturday's South Carolina game in Lexington on the 16th. That weekend, with the great Keeneland-Madness-Football Triple Play has the chance to be epic and Lexington will be bustling with the Closing Ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games going on at the same time. It is likely the case that Kentucky will play at night, but that wont be known for sure until Sunday. KSR is a sponsor for that Friday's College Day at Keeneland and we will be giving Grandstand tickets away on here and on the radio show over the next two weeks, so make sure and check it out. --- I am not sure how this keep happening, but UK footballers continue to win awards every week that I didnt know existed. Randall Cobb was given the Paul Hornung "Versatility" award for the week, Craig McIntosh was a Special Teamer of the Week and will be a Captain at the next UK game and Ryan Tydlacka was named the SEC Punter of the Week. Thats a lot of awards for a team that lost a game it should have won, but still congratulations to all involved. I won an award once for Best Free Throw Shooter at the Larry Bruner Basketball Camp at Middlesboro High School when I was 11, so I know the feeling of excitement of getting a trophy. I hope those three feel as good as I did then. --- Things keep getting worse for the 15 year old girl trapped in a sweaty man's body, Bruce Pearl. In addition to his propensity for making too many phone calls and inviting friends over to his house with out asking his parents at the NCAA for permission, we find out today from Forde/O'Neill that he has had the same problems in his past. While at Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he was cited for a violation for having players to his house, making his claim that he didnt know the rule rather dubious. Time is running out for Bruce Pearl and I hope he has his alimony payments up to date, because the checks from UT could be ending soon. --- A lot of people have written me asking to comment on the the John Feinstein quote that UK is "under investigation by the NCAA." If you didnt know by now, Feinstein hates UK and is rather up front about that fact. He was covering Duke as a grad student reporter when they lost to UK in 1978 and has pretty much detested them ever since. I listen to "Junior" Feinstein a lot on Tony Kornheiser and have learned that while he is a great author, he is terrible with facts and generally is clueless as to what is going on outside of whatever he is covering at that moment. Just do what we at KSR vowed to do a few weeks ago....ignore the haters unless they matter...and random words from Junior dont matter. --- A UK player wanted us to post this old picture of Doron Lamb. We of course oblige: doron --- I have been amazed at the feedback on the Shepard Smith story from earlier today. Some of it of course was of the "Dont write about politics on a UK site" mode, which was tiresome when it started four years ago and is even more tiresome now, especially when the story isnt about politics. It takes a particular type of chutzpah to believe that you should tell those who run a free site what they can and cannot write about, but there are about 10-15 people who do that and God Bless them. As for the actual story, we have found that MANY other people have had run-ins of similar degrees with Shepard in Lexington and this past weekend in Oxford. Shepard Smith seems to genuinely dislike Calipari (dating probably back to the Ole Miss-Memphis rivalry) and seems to take it out on UK fans everywhere. In eight hours, I have been sent five Shepard Smith stories about UK fan interactions and some are really funny. If you had told me that a Fox News anchor would be cursing at UK fans left and right, I would have maybe believed Greta Van Susteran...but I never imagined the Shepard Smith hate would be so real and pervasive. --- Whenever you can read a story that says Louisville is having problems with Flies overtaking the Yum Center, well you just have to read it. --- Here is a tweet to save for later if he commits to Louisville. Tony Wroten sent a tweet to John Calipari that said, "aye coach. I just wanna know why u stopped recruiting me?" Now some Louisville fans will see that, and still insist that he picked the Cards over UK (if he goes there). But just shake your heads and point and laugh...for a perpetual state of delusion is a great way to go through life. We will have more all day, including a look at what is going wrong on Defense for the Cats and some more on the upcoming opening of basketball practice. If you have not yet listened to today's radio show, take a go at hour 2 as we have an exclusive interview with Brandon Knight that has some very good stuff in it. Check it out and stay tuned all day:

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