Choose or Lose Standings and Games

by:Matt Jones09/28/06
Here are the standings. Gutter2D takes the win of the week and then goes ahead and takes the overall lead. But there is a stunningly handsome young attorney on his heels..... Next week the game turns up a notch. You have until 5 pm folks to get your entry in..... gutter2D 45 Matt Jones 43 SuperBlueDude 43 Ricky Bobby 43 Mr.Mujumdar 42 Palmerjr 41 Corporate Autocrat 41 Paladin 40 Intern 40 Rob Gidel 40 Mike Jones 40 Drunk Irishman 39 D.Williams 39 BRN2BNK 39 MyDixieWrecked 39 Payne 39 Gerry Dinardo 39 Maconvolfan 38 Walls 37 Turkey Hunter 37 Ethan 37 CaliCatFan 37 MMfiji 37 kentapolis 37 matt57 36 KeyserSoze 36 Mosley 36 JLove 36 Kevin Lankford 36 Phil Shelley 35 Captain Morgan 34 Wes 34 wildctky 33 New Wildcat Order 33 Those with three weeks of service: David Shuman 32 nepalibabu 31 Nathan Rice 31 mac 31 jsgorocks 30 T.Walters 30 WillK 28 Duncan 27 Wayne 26 kenmano7 26 Keith 24 mattcat73 24 gwblak 22 Two or less weeks, keep playing and you make the list Rutgers at South Florida Virginia at Duke Wyoming at Syracuse Navy at UCONN Bowling Green at Ohio Kansas St at Baylor Boise St at Utah Cal at Oregon St Miami (OH) at Cincinnati San Diego St at San Jose St Texas Tech at Texas A&M Akron at Kent Ohio St at Iowa SMU at Tulane Oregon at Arizona St Nevada at UNLV TIEBREAKER Score of Kentucky v Central Michigan

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