Chris Bosh Says Bam Adebayo is His Favorite Player in the NBA

Chris Bosh Says Bam Adebayo is His Favorite Player in the NBA

Zack Geogheganover 1 year


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[caption id="attachment_252195" align="aligncenter" width="600"] (Photo via Rob Foldy/Getty Images North America)[/caption] At least one future Hall of Famer is all in on Bam Adebayo. Former Miami 'Heatle' and currently retired NBA player Chris Bosh joined in on the Instagram Live craze that has allowed celebrities and personalities alike to entertain their fans through social media. In one of the recent live streams, Bosh had some high praise for his current mentee, calling Adebayo "a 6-foot-9 Magic Johnson". “Who is my favorite current NBA player?” Bosh contemplated, according to Shandel Richardson over at Sports Illustrated. “I’m definitely gonna say my guy Bam Adebayo because’s he okay. No, he’s pretty good. He’s like a 6-9 Magic Johnson.” As pointed out in Richardon's article, Johnson is 6-foot-9, but Bosh's point still stands. It's like if Magic grew up playing center his whole life; your result is Bam Adebayo. Bosh's comparison is interesting, nonetheless. Adebayo brings such unique intangibles to the floor that there is no easy player to compare him to. I mean, who else can guard literally every player in the NBA while averaging a double-double and over five assists per game? Bosh went on to add that Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis was also among his favorite players to watch in the league. I don't know what it is about the Miami Heat and their affinity for Kentucky basketball, but I am all the way here for it. Adebayo was named an All-Star for the first time this past year in just his third NBA season. He's improved exponentially in such a short amount of time that his ceiling is literally invisible right now. He'll be a top-candidate for the Most Improved Player Award, whenever those are announced. A future Hall of Famer comparing a former Kentucky player to a current Hall of Famer? Yes, please.

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