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Chris Hill is a guy that the staff at Kentucky has shown some interest in dating all the way back to their time in Memphis. That makes Memphis' and Josh Pastner's presence on his list no surprise. Right now Hill says that some of the schools on his mind include Kentucky, West Virginia, UConn, Memphis, Maryland and Arizona. Each one is equal in terms of which school is coming the hardest and making the most calls. According to Hill, and also to most recruiting commentators I talk to, schools are ready to make much harder pushes once the academic concerns are in order, something that Hill says he is working very hard towards and hopes to have put behind him by March. Right now, Hill feels like two schools are standing out to him because of their staff's ability to instruct players and put them in the NBA: UConn and Kentucky. For the time being, aside from academics, Hill is also working on his game. Recently he could be spotted in Chicago working out with famed AAU coach and basketball instructor Mac Irvin. Hill says that, during these workouts, his focus is really on his "overall strength in the weight room and getting my explosiveness back because I suffered a tendon injury a long time ago that I never got rehabbed." Hill's opponents have to cringe at the thought of his explosiveness getting any better and I'm sure they're not happy with that being just one of many things he's working on. "I'm working on my ball handling, moving without the ball, a lot of shooting, a lot of counter-moves and my footwork," he added. Right now, Hill feels like he knows plenty about the different schools on his list and won't need to take many, if any, visits to reach a final decision. Much of that knowledge comes from his large network of friends and family in the basketball world, including NBA star Amare Stoudamire. When it comes to joining Stoudamire in the NBA, Hill feels like he knows what it is going to take. "It takes a lot of hard work and listening and focusing in." Expect Kentucky to give Hill a much closer look when the academic concerns are out of the way. Right now, Kentucky remains focused on Terrence Jones and CJ Leslie at the forward spots but a lot could change and offers could be made to others, including Hill, depending on how successful they are in their pursuit of Jones and Leslie. Doron Lamb recently finished up his visit to Arizona and his father, Calvin Lamb gave a few bits of info to KU website According to Lamb's father, Doron could be deciding tomorrow or months from now. If you want to try to make odds of when the actual date will be, you'd probably point to after Spring break. That's when Doron will be able to travel home from Oak Hill to NYC, talk over his visits and options with his parents and make a decision on where he wants to go. Lamb has taken all five of his official visits (Kentucky, UConn, Kansas, Arizona and Oklahoma) but is also getting interest from Cincinnati, UCLA and West Virginia and his father didn't rule out the possibility of unofficial visits to those schools. Those that may know where Lamb would go and make efforts to guess where are all across the board with the schools he has officially visited but Kentucky consistently is included as a possible favorite. Kansas gets the same treatment as well. Josh Selby also visited Arizona this past weekend but did so at a different time than Lamb. Selby and his mother took in the game between Arizona and Washington, which Arizona won. Kentucky will get a visit from Selby during their March 7th game against Florida but not before Kansas gets a visit from Josh on Valentine's Day weekend. UConn, who had previously been nixed from the list, is also a possibility for a future visit. It seems like a lot will have to occur before any kind of odds could be given for Selby's decision, including decisions of other players and Selby finishing his visits. When Selby first left Tennessee the word was that Kentucky was a big favorite but Kansas has been making major pushes and gaining ground on Selby's list since then. Some even consider Kansas to be the favorite at this point. Notes:

- Marquis Teague will not be blocked.

- Oak Hill and Doron Lamb will play Northland (OH) this weekend on ESPN.

- The Flyin' to the Hoop event in Dayton, OH this weekend gives UK fans an opportunity to see many UK targets, including Brandon Knight, without having to travel too far. I'll have much more on this come Friday but, for now, here's a list of the "players to watch" that are attending the event.

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