Chris Lofton's Thursday Quick Hits

Chris Lofton's Thursday Quick Hits

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Boy have you heard about that kid Chris Lofton? He isnt a bad player at all is he? Watching him tonight in the game against Memphis, you really appreciate how the kid has done something that you rarely see in modern day sports......he has completely maximized his talents. I am a big fan of Lofton, not because he is a supremely talented athlete who takes his team to another level, but because he is a kid who has worked hard for what he does. He is continually underestimated by everyone (including me) and he nevertheless kept his nose to the grindstone and gets better and better. And he is a Kentucky boy.....not bad at all. In other news, here are some quick hits..... Marshall Moses is not making his visit to Kentucky this week. The last I have heard suggests that next weekend is the target, but that is not confirmed either.....if the visit doesnt take place next week, the holidays push it back until early January.....a bit too long if you ask me (which you didnt). I hope you get a chance (meaning I hope the technical stuff works) to hear our Bomani Jones interview on ESPN radio. It was fascinating and he hits on a number of Tubby Smith subjects and talks about his great fur coat. We hope to have it up later today, along with our game call of the AJ Stewart Marshall County Hoopfest stay tuned. The rumors of the return of Team Turmoil are simply false. This team is unified and gets along better than any team in the last three or four years. Trust me.....when you were interviewing the guys last year, the stress of the season and the chemistry issues was obvious. That is simply not the case this season and reports to the contrary are, as far as I know, incorrect. If you didnt see this week's episode of The Real World: Denver (and why would you have), do it NOW. You have a ridiculous fight over nothing, charges of racism, homophobia, drunk people acting like idiots and melodrama. Television at its finest.... The minutes distribution in the last game is fascinating to me. Much has been made about the decreased minutes of Sheray and Woo (which was inevitable), but also obvious was the loss of minutes by Jodie Meeks. Meeks needs to be on the court, but his minutes are most likely held by Bradley and Crawford....getting him playing time is a goal that Tubby needs to focus on. Is there anything worse than the nattering nabob of negativity that is a Jerry Tipton column? His game report was headlined "Cats Struggle" in their win over UT-Chattanooga. Maybe you watched that game and didnt think we played great, maybe you were frustrated, but calling it "struggling" is simply incorrect. One of the reasons I will never do sportswriting full time is that it leaves people hardened and not enjoying sports.....and then constant negativity becomes a theme. I think you see that in the Herald Leader reporting. Did you happen to see John Pelphrey's hair? Wow, times are changing for the Paintsville man.... I am going to go ahead and say it.....for Duke's standards, they are really not good. Holy Cross should have won that game and they are not good this season. The Blue Devils get by on reputation and do have a home victory over Indiana (which UK does not yet have)....but they may get roughed up some this year.....and wont it be fun to see!!!! If you havent heard Dave Telep's interview in EPISODE 16, you need to do so.....very interesting stuff for all fans of all mindsets. And you might like the rest of the show as well.....including Hubby seeking to interview Bill Jerry, gold. The Kentucky Sports Radio Pre and Post Game Show from BW3's in Lexington is coming on Saturday. We will be there from 10 am through 4 pm, doing a live pre-game show and taping our weekly podcast post game. Plus we will be watching the game in the restaurant and bar. Ravi Moss will be there taping the Post-Game show with us and it will be quite the scene on Virginia Avenue. Make your plans now to go.....and see Hubby do his little dance. Watch for the ESPN show this afternoon.....

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