Chris Low: It Was Time For Cobb To Leave

Will Lentzover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Everyone’s favorite SEC Blogger at ESPN has been riding the Randall Cobb bandwagon pretty hard this season, so it’s no surprise he felt the news of him leaving a 6-7 Kentucky team noteworthy enough to post on his blog.  Low has this to say on the Junior from Alcoa. 

It’s doubtful that Cobb will go in the first round, and he could last past the second round.

But the time was right for him to leave. The Wildcats will be breaking in a new quarterback next season, and with senior running back Derrick Locke and senior receiver Chris Matthews both departing, Cobb wouldn’t have a lot of proven playmakers around him.

His draft stock isn’t going to get any higher than it is right now. So why risk an injury? Scouts will love his versatility. He’ll be one of those guys who will star on special teams and will only get better as a receiver. He’s only played the position full time for two years after playing quarterback in high school.

He also goes on to suggest that Cobb may have a tough time selling himself to some teams – he won’t run the fastest 40, he won’t bench the highest numbers, but when it comes down to it Cobb will be able to get things done on the next level.  This also gels with Cobb’s theory of being a ‘wes welker,’ type player – only less scrappy because that’s a word the media reserves for white receivers. 

All of which is what Kentucky fans have reluctantly come to realize over the past month or so.  It would’ve been nice to keep him, but if you love someone… you let them go.

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