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crying 1) The Crying Game. I have never seen that movie, but I'm pretty sure we all know the gist, right? Boy George contributed to the soundtrack and the movie ends with *spoiler alert* a girl revealing that she is actually a man. I mention it because, over the past 20 years, has any movie had a more subconscious influence on pop culture than this one? Whenever there is a movie mystery that involves a transvestite, the musical bed during the revelation scene is George's theme from TCG. Bom bom bom. . . bom bom bom bom. Hearing that opening riff in any movie puts me in stitches. Everyone, whether they have seen the movie or not, instantly knows what that song implies. I don't know why I am mentioning this to you, but The Picks To Click just seemed to be the most appropriate venue for such observations. 2) I'm a huge podcast guy. I always have a set of podcasts queued up on my iphone so that I never get frustrated, angry, or bored if I am ever made to wait in a line. Traffic, the doctor's office, the DMV, and other situations that used to flip me out are now opportunities to be entertained by a podcast. It has lowered my stress level significantly. One of my favorites is Adam Carolla who is podcasting daily for free this year because his radio station fired him but, by contract, still has to pay him for the rest of 2009 and a portion of 2010. (Also? His producer is a man named 'Bald' Bryan Bishop. Carolla's favorite line for him is, "It is Bryan with a 'Y' as in 'Y' would your mother do that to you?" I'm just sayin). Carolla's podcast in and of itself is good, but he has also started a sports podcast for his pal Kevin Hench (a comedy writer) and former Georgia Tech Yellowjacket and Detroit Piston John Salley dubbed Spider and the Henchman. In the first episode, they welcome AJ Daulerio from Deadspin and get into all manner of sports rumor and innuendo. If you are really looking for the best podcast involving a blogger and a 7-foot basketball player, I don't know why you would start with Spider and the Henchman, but you could do worse. 3) Speaking of podcasting, Bill Simmons has himself a little podcast on ESPN. This week's guest and BCS defender, Chuck Klosterman, shows up and discusses college football in the second half of their two-part interview. At the 20:00 minute mark, Simmons talks about going undefeated in the NFL and outlines the exact scenario that UK basketball faces during the season (each opponent treats the game like their Super Bowl and that extra level of competition wears your team down). Klosterman then explains, much to Bill's chagrin, that that situation is more prevalent in college football which makes college football a better sport than the NFL. Additionally, and you aren't going to like this, Bill lays into coaches (sweeping generalization that they are bad people) and goes after our patriarch at the 23:05 mark. He sort of redeems himself by saying that he has a "passionate, passionate man crush on John Wall" (bom bom bom bom bom) and the debate about Wall's NBA implications ensues. Give it a listen. 4) Speaking of Simmons, he was the first guy I know of that mentioned the possibility of certain NBA superstars colluding at the Beijing Olympics to all join the same NBA team. The theory was that the guys had fun playing together on the Men's US National Team and realized how much more they could accomplish in the NBA by joining forces. DeWayne Wade and Lebron James were the principle targets of this notion and it seems like the theory is gaining steam. 5) I don't subscribe to Sports Illustrated because mashing up trees to give me old news seems like a silly prospect in this day and age, but their website is pretty tight. They are doing the usual 'decade is ending' stuff over there and their top photographs of the decade is worth a look. 6) If you haven't seen it and want to not eat for the next few hours, video is available of the horribly gruesome injury suffered by Texas A&M's Derrick Roland. Anyone that has injured a knee or ankle (raises hand) knows the stomach churning level of pain involved with such an injury. Video is here and, fair warning, it is off-the-charts brutal. I know you all will join me in wishing this kid a full recovery. By all accounts, he was a great guy and the heart and soul of that Texas A&M squad. Nobody should have to experience the pain and suffering that comes with that type of accident. 7) On a much lighter note, the Favorite Blogger Contest 2009 continues. Here are your candidates: Matt Jones BTI Beisner Kate Martin Fake Gimel Patrick Barker Christopher Johns Will Lentz Tomlin Rob Gidel Mosley Drew Franklin Dustin Rumbaugh Hunter Campbell The Rules (more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules, Barbossa): -YOU CAN PUT ONE VOTE A DAY INTO THE PICKS TO CLICK POST ONLY. If you vote in another post, Bryan will not count it. -Eligible bloggers had to have posted at least 10 times in 2009. You can only vote for the people on the list above. -Bryan will carry this all the way to the New Year’s Eve and award Kate her trophy sometime next year. -BTI would love everybody to vote, and just remember who brings it hard every morning at 10AM. bom bom bom. . . bom bom bom bom.

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