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Boy, what a week to be Chris Tomlin.  First, you make a post in Spanish that gets Patrick Barker type responses in the comment section, next you are outed during a podcast for sounding like a southern-er Bob Dylan, then you become public enemy number one in North Carolina – all for answering questions the general public demanded to know.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times… Bloggin’ ain’t easy.

Onto your Thursday News and Views:

-After finding out the football team will be administering their almost annual beat down of the ACC in Nashville, the story has become who will Randall Cobb be giving nightmares to this year.  The smart money is beginning to lean on either Georgia Tech or Clemson, with whoever loses first getting the draw to play the cats. However, there is still a chance (and a strong desire from most bloggers writing this night post,) to get either UNC or Miami to make the trip to UK’s winter home.  Frankly, now that Tomlin has created some sort of rivalry where there was none, I’d like to see UNC get beaten by the better blue twice in the same month.  After all, the football team is only 1460 wins away from 2000.

-Speaking of beating North Carolina, apparently Kentucky is scheduled to do that this Saturday around 12:30.  The most interesting part of the hype surrounding the game so far, has been Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins comments.  On North Carolina as a team?  “Yeah, I’ve seen them, I’m not impressed.” On his expectations for John Wall this Saturday?  “You might see Superman come out there. I believe John’s got some bad blood with North Carolina somewhere in there.” In other words, Boogie is predicting a beat down of the kind usually found only in the last paragraph of Drew Franklins TAWWTTW’s.

-In similar news, UK’s Student Athletic Council (SAC) held a cheer practice yesterday evening. As lame as getting students together to practice cheers sounds, I actually really like this move.  With the steady decline of the quality of basketball played in Rupp, we have also seen the level of intensity from the fans drop.  So much so that Rupp has become, shall we say, passive at times. The best arena’s out there have chants and cheers to keep their fans up for the games, and it’s high time we had something to yell other than BLUE…WHITE, and the ever popular and always classy ‘insert players name IS GAA-AAY.’

-On the recruiting side of things, Doron Lamb has decided to decide at a later time.  Again.  Sound familiar?  In an interview with his father, it was suggested that his decision might wait until spring.  “When he’s ready he will let everybody know. He is just being professional about it.” Look, I know it’s tough for us fans waiting for a kid to make up his mind, but it’s a blessing in disguise.  You see, the more a recruit waits, the more it benefits Kentucky.  Right now, UK is the hot brand, but it’s about to get even hotter. Pre-season, all recruits have heard about is speculation to where the Cats will be in March.  The longer they wait, the more they will see John Wall on sports center, the more they will hear about Patrick Patterson developing a complete game under Coach Cal, and the more they will witness the resurrection of the greatest basketball program in the history of college athletics.  By the time it gets to spring, the decision will be made for them.

-In late breaking news, it appears as though a member (possibly former member) of the UK baseball team is suing the University of Kentucky. Apparently he was told he had to meet with an NCAA investigator, or he wouldn’t be allowed to play.  So he’s suing them. I don’t get it, though I’m sure Matt will be by to explain it in lawyer terms later, but I always figured it was up to the coaches whether you played or not.  Regardless of whether you wanted to be put in the game.  Who knows.  Maybe Randall Cobb should start looking for a lawyer.

-Perhaps my favorite piece of news from yesterday, while completely unrelated, was Ron Artests admission to drinking Hennessy at half time. One of the top fifty basketball players IN THE WORLD used to drink during games.  I guess the main question is, was anyone surprised?  Bomani Jones could not be reached for comment.

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