Chris Webber blasts Willie Cauley-Stein on <em>Mike & Mike</em>

Chris Webber blasts Willie Cauley-Stein on <em>Mike & Mike</em>

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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The only explanation I can come up with for Chris Webber's comments on Mike & Mike this morning is he must be high, which, from what I've heard, wouldn't be all that crazy before noon on a Tuesday morning. Webber went on ESPN radio to talk about the Final Four and his criticism of Willie Cauley-Stein has Big Blue Nation up in arms. The former Michigan Wolverine said Cauley-Stein will never start in the NBA and shot down any chance he could be a DeAndre Jordan-type player in the league. He said, "Let's just be honest: If you're a junior in basketball and seven-feet and average under 10 points, you're telling me he can be a DeAndre Jordan? There's no way. Come on." "This kid is like seven-foot and weighs two hundred," C-Webb continued. "He won’t start in the league. You can’t play in the league if you can’t score, people." Webber defended his comments on Twitter shortly after the show: He also said Kentucky isn't one of the greatest teams of all-time and they would lose to several teams back in his day.

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