Chuck Hayes thinks Patterson is Swell

Chuck Hayes thinks Patterson is Swell

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
mbb_hayes_2004action.jpeg For the last two years we have been telling everyone just how good Patrick Patterson will be for the Cats this year and in the future. And at some point, I know it starts to sound like a broken record. I was out on Friday night and one fan came up and asked me, "how can I know that Patterson wont be a bust?" I wasnt sure how to answer that question so I pointed in the other direction and said, "look its Steve Masiello" and then ran away. But if you dont believe me, you might believe Chuck Hayes who thinks Patterson will be very good indeed. Here were his comments in the Courier Journal today: Hayes said he spoke with new UK basketball coach Billy Gillispie in July and spent last week getting acquainted with the current Cats. He said the team has "a lot of athletes." One in particular -- freshman forward Patrick Patterson -- made an impression. "Patrick covers so much space because of his length," Hayes said. "He can alter your shot if you're over there and he's way over here because his length is phenomenal." "Athletes" are the buzz word for this team this year with Patterson, Stewart, Legion and Harris. Athleticism is high and that should bode well for a relatively young group. Stay tuned throughout the day.....more football to come, including the beginning of our previews of UK's 2007 opponents

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