Cincinnati Bengals set to open Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday

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[caption id="attachment_299783" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] (Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)[/caption] Tuesday marked the first day since the coronavirus outbreak that NFL teams could open up their facilities, although capacity is still going to be severely limited. According to Ben Baby of ESPN, the Cincinnati Bengals plan to reopen Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday. As of Tuesday, 22 of the league's 32 teams were allowed to open their facilities back up. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has given all 32 franchises the nod to go ahead and reopen facilities, although there are several teams located in states that are still under heavy government restrictions and will not be allowed to reopen. Restrictions on the number of people allowed inside a facility are going to be heavily monitored and proper safety guidelines will be enforced. According to Pro Football Talk, "No more than 50 percent of a team’s staff (not to exceed 75 total employees) are allowed. That doesn’t include coaches or players, with the exception of those getting medical treatment." The Browns, Bucs, Eagles, Packers, Panthers, Ravens, Titans, and Vikings all elected to not reopen on Tuesday while the Jaguars have announced they will wait until May 26 to reopen. However, there were still a handful of organizations that did open on Tuesday, including the Falcons, Cardinals, Colts, Cowboys, and Steelers.

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