Cincy Hopes UK Will Play Them this Season

Cincy Hopes UK Will Play Them this Season

Matt Jonesover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
As Kentucky's schedule becomes topic #1 for everyone in America, it is important to remember that it will include a true road game next season against a Big East opponent. There has been a great deal of speculation on the Kentucky end that the opponent could be Cincinnati. And today, Mick Cronin agreed with the speculation, saying that he was hearing it was a possibility. Cronin noted however that ESPN makes the matchups and said that all things being equal, it was a one in six chance that would be the matchup. I would give better odds than that. UC is one of three teams being considered by ESPN for the game and it makes sense for that to be the trip. Would you like to play UC at their home court? Well whether you would or would not, you may get the opportunity for the game that would make Bearcats fans as excited as any other on their schedule.

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