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weak-ass-pickup It wasn't too long ago that UK fans held out hope that the love that they were showing to John Wall's high school teammate, CJ Leslie, would be well received and he would finally submit to the display of affection known as a scholarship offer.  Ultimately, Leslie decided that North Carolina State is where he wanted to end up.  But that didn't mean his that his yearning for love ended with his recruitment.  In fact, those fires still burn strongly. Deadspin released a poem today written by Leslie for a freshman English course that shows he's just a man that wants to be loved.  Over and over and over and over....you get the point. An excerpt:

she was hesitant...

about the lack of time we spent.

she said, "i barely know you,


i'm kinda sick"

i said

"calm down

...only as friends

The rest gets a little too hot for KSR, so you'll have to pop over to Deadspin and check it out.  Just make sure you're wearing something comfortable and light a few candles first.

Read LLCJ's entire poem here

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