CJ Leslie Recruitment Winding Down

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If CJ likes this, maybe UK could get him to commit by showing him these. CJ Leslie took a visit to UConn over the weekend. He was supposed to make an earlier trip to Florida but that visit was canceled. It is believed that this will be the last trip  for Leslie and that all remains now is for him to make a decision. News on the Leslie front seems to shift quite often. NC State is thought to be in pretty good shape but there is always the "once decommitted, they won't commit there again" school of thought. Kentucky has the lure of Calipari and CJ certainly saw how much fun John Wall and big man Demarcus Cousins had while in Lexington. CJ has made public comments about wanting to play with Brandon Knight but he's also said the same about close friend and NC State commit Ryan Harrow. When it comes to UConn, it doesn't seem like they're in the same league as the other two schools but getting a visit always helps. Leslie doesn't yet have a date set for a decision and one could come at any time. Prior estimates had CJ deciding in early May and that would put his decision after Terrence Jones makes his. How much Jones' decision will play a part in CJ's isn't quite known but there is certainly enough playing time down low to go around for both players. But, like every other pro or con in this recruitment, NC State has some time in the post available as well, with former commitment Luke Cothron looking elsewhere.

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