Cliff Alexander says he "got dealt a bad deck of cards" at Kansas

Cliff Alexander says he "got dealt a bad deck of cards" at Kansas

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The Cliff Alexander/Kansas saga continues. After sitting out the final eight games of his freshman season at Kansas due to an NCAA investigation into impermissible benefits, Alexander declared for the draft and now, is sounding off about his time as a Jayhawk. In a pre-draft interview with Draft Express, Alexander--who Calipari once recruited--says he was "dealt a bad deck of cards" at Kansas.

"I got dealt a bad deck of cards when I was at Kansas," Alexander said. "It just didn't go as I planned it. It was just an off situation, so I just have to move forward and move on with everything."

When asked, Alexander said he wasn't referring to the NCAA investigation.

"No, just ... everything. When I was playing, I wasn't very dominant. I didn't live up to my expectations how I was supposed to. When the suspension came, it just made me go down more."

When asked why he averaged only 17-18 minutes per game, Alexander chuckled.

"I'm going to leave that to coach Self," Alexander said. "I'm going to leave that to coach Self."


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