CNN's Wednesday Morning Wakeup

CNN's Wednesday Morning Wakeup

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cnn On the first day of June in 1980, Ted Turner declared his new project, "the news channel for America." The Cable News Network's first broadcast is very different than what you currently see on the network. Even though it's hardly recognizable without lengthy chyrons, a scrolling newsfeed and a couple of countdown clocks, the unending newscast can claim responsibility for bringing the 24-hour news cycle into the world.  Now we're lucky enough to have Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room with John King walking through the virtual world counting electoral college votes.  No matter how much they've changed, they still value integrity in journalism, like this: Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.59.34 PM *  To be fair, this was initially reported by PFT Commenter, one of the guys from Pardon My Take who will be taking over KSR while Matt is on vacation.   CNN never stops and never will stop -- especially at the gym where I think it's a four-TV minimum -- and it all started 36 years ago today.  Now, onto the news for the first day of June.

Happy Birthday Kentucky!

Our great Commonwealth turns 224 years old today, becoming the 15th state back in 1792.

SEC Spring Meetings Continue

Topics include satellite camps and how they are ruining football.  Pretty much anybody that opens their mouth gets questioned about it, before talking enough trash to make Jim Harbaugh's ears perk up. Don't worry, it surprisingly isn't all football talk.  Greg Sankey is proposing a new rule that will require basketball teams to schedule tougher teams in the non-conference.  Former Big East commissioner and current SEC basketball consultant, Mike Tranghese, has met with all 14 coaches in Destin.  Along with scheduling changes, Sankey and Tranghese are leaning on the new head coaches to make the league more respectable.  Stay tuned for more news throughout the day.

Vote for The Bluegrass Boys

You've got until noon to get your votes in and they need your help.  If you weren't motivated to get behind these guys before, Shagari Alleyne was added to the lineup yesterday.  Do what you do BBN to make sure we can see this fascinating sight.  VOTE HERE

Louisville Guys Got Talent 

America's Got Talent returned last night, bringing Simon Cowell back to American reality TV.  The biggest stars of the show were four fellas from Louisville who go by the name "Linkin' Bridge."  You should listen to their a cappella of a classic.

Campbellsville Needs a New Coach

After reaching the NAIA's Fab Four last season, Campbellsville head basketball coach Keith Adkins has resigned.  The Paintsville native led the program for 16 years, keeping the Tigers near the top of the Mid-South Conference.

This is one way to get an Autograph

Chris Sale of the White Sox might be OK at throwing around a baseball, but when it comes to paper, rock, scissors...not so much.

Two New Podcasts Dropped Last Night

Matt brought Tony Vanetti back onto The Matt Jones Podcast and of course, story time with Uncle Tony didn't disappoint.  This time he brought a gorilla story.  CBS Sports NBA writer, Matt Moore, had a nice back and forth about Billy Donovan and how NBA and college coaches are perceived differently. For all of the Game of Thrones nerds out there, T.J. Walker and I gave you a little extra something-something for this week's episode.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the college basketball comparisons to characters in Game of Thrones.

KSR is Coming in an Hour

Until then, take D-Lamb's advice. w

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