Coach Cal on leaving the starters in...

Coach Cal on leaving the starters in...

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doron-lamb-injury Here is what Coach Cal had to say after the game when asked why his starters were left in the game late with such a large lead.  Much like in the South Carolina game, Calipari cited the opposing coach's decision to not call off his dogs when the game seemed out of reach.  Since Anthony Grant was not letting off the gas, Coach Cal apparently didn't want to either and potentially face a situation of having to bring guys back in the game.

They didn't stop pressing. You don't know my bench. I play six guys. If they had stopped pressing, I would have subbed with three minutes to go. But they didn't stop pressing and they kept grabbing and strapping. And the minute he backed up, I would have substituted.

All right. So I sub, and they make a couple threes, we miss it, my bench is saying we're fine. It goes to 11. I sub my guys back in now, we miss foul shots, and it's three, and you say, You never played those guys all year. Why would you do that? Why wouldn't you finish the game off? You don't win. Obviously, I would have rather have had all of them out. We play tomorrow. But I'm trying to win that game.  Good question, though.

As mentioned before, Doron Lamb is listed as doubtful and DeAndre Liggins is listed as probably for tomorrow's championship game.  Both have left ankle sprains suffered in the final 1:30 of the game.

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