Coach Cal, Sportsman of the Year

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


calipari2 In voting tighter than Tim Tebow's chastity belt, Coach Calipari was named the 2009 Kentucky Sportsman of the Year by the Kentucky sports media. 54 media members from the four regions of the state (Lexington, Louisville, Western and Eastern) voted on the award, given previously to such heroes of sport as Cawood Ledford, Jamal Mashburn and Stefan LeFors. Coach Cal edged out Lady Card and WNBA No. 1 overall pick Angel McCoughtry, who led Louisville to the honor of being the last team UConn destroyed last season, by a vote count of 362 to 323. Cal had 14 first place votes, 6 more than Rachel Alexandra who, now that I think about it, isn't a sportsman at all. Coach also beat out Rich Brooks, Jodie Meeks and John Wall among others to claim the Commonwealth's highest award. In the process, Kenny Perry failed in his attempt to repeat last year's victory and become the award's only three-time winner, denying him what would have certainly been the greatest honor of his illustrious career. Considering the voting was finished and tallied before the guy raised a million dollars in an afternoon, did the John Wall dance and appeared on a KSR podcast, I'd think it's safe to say Coach is a sure thing for 2010. Just a guess. [Ky. Sportsman of the Year]

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