Coach Cali"Fairy" is Scared of our Non-Conference Opponents

Barrett Lindseyabout 5 years


Aritcle written by:Barrett LindseyBarrett Lindsey
  [caption id="attachment_203658" align="aligncenter" width="600"]cal Andy Lyons/Getty Images[/caption] Big Blue Nation arose from summer hibernation last week with the release of the basketball non-conference schedule. Fans are already exited about this years team as it was evident in the amount of discussion generated by the schedule’s release. How could you not be exited about this years group when you got guys like Brad Calipari and Isaac Humphries leading midnight workouts? Anyone who knows about basketball could take won good look at the non-conference games and determine how many of them the Cats will loose next year. Zero. So Coach Cal wasn’t scarred at all by our non-conference opponents, right? Wrong. Cal has now proven to me with this, honeslty, insulting tweet that he has no confidance in himself and more importantly in his team. If he has no confidance in his team than how can they have any confidance in him? It has now been made very clear to me that John Cali"fairy" is scarred and the result is the losing environment he has created over teh last four years. He uses "travel" as an excuse for potentially losing. Our soldiers travel across the world and we stilled killed Osama Bin Laden. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for you, Cal, if our boys loose to Arizona State after the tumultuous journey to the dreary Bahamas. preconfschedule I'm scratching my head trying to fathom a reason why Cal would be scarred of anyone we play in the pre-conference. Duquesne? Maybe because "Duke" is part of the pronunciation? Arizona State? Sorry but Kentucky isn't losing to a school once attended by Phil Mickelson. The Hofstra Pride? Yeah there real proud alright, proud of picking a terrible mascot. Louisville? I think I saw there coach on the last episode of The Walking Dead I just watched. Ive been letting it slide for to long but I think this tweet has been the last straw. I think I speak for most fans when I say: this losing stuff is getting old. And if you don’t agree just look at the facts. The last four seasons have all ended in losses. I'm as guilty as anyone has been about making up excuses. "Well we where unlucky" "We just had a few missing pieces in the frontcourt." "Our players just made some bad decisions down the road" Blah, blah, blah. All these excuse have a common theme. A very unfair common theme, if you ask me. All these excuses are doing is just blaming teh players. Well now I'm ready too point out the real reason for all the dissappointment. My finger has moved from the court to pointing at the guy wearing the same tie he bought from Kohls on the sidelines. We all know what makes a great coach. Great coaches recruit teh worst players and win national championships with them. Cal couldn't even make it to the title game with the best college team to ever play. Great coaches draw up great out of bounds plys, run zone defenses and structured offensive sets. Cal, well we all no to well he just rolls teh ball out on the floor while he sits back and thinks about teh next Dunkin Donuts he's going to open up. Lastly, great coaches fear no opponent and especially don't make excuses for loosing games BEFORE they even play them. I'm no history expert but I don't think George Washington ever posted a tweet warning the colonists that we might loose to the British even with the risk he might of been beheaded publicly if he did. Now, THAT is a leader, folks. What's Cali"fairy" scarred of? Maybe someone says something mean to him on twitter? Cry me a river. Clearly, Cal has no excuse to loose any of these non-conference games but yet he's already apologized for doing so. This throws up some major red flags in my opinion. I'm a true Wildcats fan and true Wildcats fans believe the only banner worth hanging is the one that says "National Champion" on it. Knowing I have a coach timid to even step in the ring with Valpraiso, makes me believe that this upcoming season will be yet another one where we hang one that just says "Final Four." I hope I'm wrong. ***Please note that FirstTimeLongTime's hot takes are satire and reflect no real opinion of anyone on the KSR writing staff. Spelling and grammatical errors are intentional.  

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