Coach Cal's Mother's Day Tribute

Coach Cal's Mother's Day Tribute

Nick Roushover 6 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


The BBN has heard John Calipari speak so much that "Cal-speak" has become second-nature.  We hear "you people are crazy," "I like me team," and "We're everybody's Super Bowl and it's easy to just smile and nod, letting it go in one ear and out the other.  You can't BS around when speaking of your Mother. Today I was reminded of Calipari "the person" in his tribute to his Mother and all mothers on   The stories Coach shares about Mrs. Calipari remind me of so many awesome women that I've come in contact throughout my life. Here's just one of the awesome stories he shares:
"I learned to swim by being thrown in a shallow part of the Ohio River while she said “swim!” Watching the mother in Baltimore aggressively counsel her son reminded me of Mom in her younger days. But her heart and wisdom set her apart."
There's plenty more where that came from.  Enjoy the rest of the story, and most importantly, thank your Mother today.

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