Coach K Cries Foul

Coach K Cries Foul

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2005-03-01_crying_tips1.jpg We've all known someone like this, whether it was the rich and spoiled girl who always got her way or the arrogant jerk who always seemed to get the girl in high school, they both had one thing in common: When things didn't go their way - they cried and whined until they were heard. Now you can enter Coach K into the conversation. Coach K just did an interview this week and has now called foul. According to Coach K in this article written for out of Greensboro, NC, everyone is being too critical of he and the program saying "Believe me, I'm not being paranoid," he said. "It's just a fact." Quick question: Did you read that without actually laughing out loud? Now I'll agree everyone has an opinion of Coach K and the 'Dukies'(including myself) and there is an all too familiar trend: You either hate'em or love'em. Poor Coach K, I mean how could we be so unfair? Afterall, the officials do have some problems with the clock late in the second half at Durham(ask Clemson) and Gerald Henderson didn't purposely break Tyler Hansbrough's nose because they were getting downright embarrassed by rival UNC. How could we have ever gotten this perception? It doesn't take a great lip reader to see that Coach K throws out more F bombs than Pac Man Jones bites strip joint bouncers. He is the definition of class according to Dick Vitale, but everytime I see him he is either crying to the officials or f-ing crying to the officials. K went so far as to play the race card and imply that maybe the reason his players are bashed so much is the fact that they are white. Again, quick question: Have you laughed out loud yet? This can't help recruiting. The more and more I hear K open his mouth the more I believe some now would rather send their kid to Neverland ranch at age 6 than to Durham at age 18. The article is downright hilarious and definitely worth the read. Poor Coach K seems to realize that he may actually be at the end of his rope and I can't help but find it a bit amusing. Thanks K for giving us something else to talk about.

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