Coach K had nice things to say about Kentucky

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coach-k Duke head coach Mike Kryzaeskeskszski sat at the podium earlier this afternoon to talk about boring Duke things like fake hair and white guys, and normally I wouldn't care, but today he was very complimentary of Kentucky. Kryzweskwsiwki was asked about the Wildcats, and though he said he hasn't really watched them play, he wanted to get this comment in about the job Cal has done:
"John has done an amazing job with his group, and it's been good for college basketball in that you've been talking about a team instead of talking about freshmen or individuals. For a few years we've gotten to be like the pros where it's a matchup of individuals. This year it's a renewal of what college basketball should be: it's about teams. Kentucky's been a great team."
Thanks, Coach. See you Monday night?

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