Coach O relates to homeless best-selling author

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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Best-selling author Liz Murray was in Lexington this afternoon to promote her book, Homeless to Harvard, and her story hit home with UK assistant Orlando Antigua. Obviously, her story is about growing up homeless and then graduating from Harvard, a similar path Antigua took to get to where he is today. Antigua was homeless at one time growing up in the Bronx before playing college basketball for Pittsburgh.
"I was getting recruited by major division one programs," says Antigua. "My family fell on some hardships where we spent a good part of my senior year homeless." Orlando's mother, a single parent, had an eighth grade education. Her three sons all graduated college. "The parish we went to, St. Raymond's was able to find my mom and apartment, which to this day, she will not leave and will not move out of. I've tried to get her to come down to Lexington. She's come to visit but she will not move from that apartment."
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