Cobbins, Sweat, Rancifer, <del>Harris</del> and Wright leaving the team

Drew Franklinover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


bookie-cobbins Say it ain't so, Bookie According to the Courier-Journal's Kyle Tucker, five four student-athletes will leave the UK football program this summer. The school has not confirmed their departures, but sources tell Tucker that Bookie Cobbins, Demarcus Sweat, Josh Harris, Demarius Rancifer and Sterling Wright are leaving. Rancifer, a Florida product, was the No. 44 linebacker out of high school. His former high school coach told that the staff advised him to transfer because it's unlikely he'll see the field next season. Bookie Cobbins and Demarcus Sweat -- maybe my two favorite players on the team from a year ago -- leave Kentucky with four scholarship wide receivers from the spring. Javess Blue and the incoming freshmen will have to be quick learners once fall camp gets underway. Sweat's transfer is an academic issue, per Tucker. Stoops means business. UPDATE: Kyle Tucker is saying Josh Harris isn't leaving. Facts are optional at The Courier-Journal, too.  

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