College Bowl Pick EM Phase 2

College Bowl Pick EM Phase 2

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
So phase 1 is over....nine games and if you got only SIX correct, you made it to the second round. 23 of you did that and are ready to move on. Those names are listed at the bottom of this post. Now where do we go from here? Well we are taking the games on the 28th off and picking the games on the 29th and 30th today. You have two days to pick...... The top 10 (and ties) will move to the Finals to consist of all the January 1st games and the BCS games.....easy enough? But what if you didnt make the top 23....can you still make the finals? Yes you can.....just pick all the games below and if you get 7 of 8, you are questions that isnt that hard is it? So whether you are listed below or not, pick the games. For those of you in the top 23, pick carefully (AGAINST THE SPREAD!!!!)....I bet it will take at least 5 correct (and maybe 6) to move on. Here are the games: Kentucky vs Clemson CLEMSON is a 9.5 favorite Missouri v Oregon St OREGON ST is a 3.5 favorite Houston v South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA is a 5.5 favorite Purdue v Maryland PURDUE is a 1 point favorite Minnesota v Texas Tech TEXAS TECH is a 6.5 favorite Navy v Boston College BOSTON COLLEGE is a 6 favorite Iowa v Texas TEXAS is a 8.5 favorite Virginia Tech v Georgia Virginia Tech is a 3 favorite Here are the second round folks: Stroker Ace Tubby Cat Sliggity Chitown Cat cScott The Dude AMH Cats and Cubs Mike Hancock skirck2 kentapolis corporate autocrat Mr Mujumdar Chris jauk Cant Get Right Han Gerry Dinardo gwblak Jaime Seymour gutter2D

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