College Gameday has some Explaining to do
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College Gameday has some Explaining to do

Brent Wainscottabout 3 years


Article written by:Brent WainscottBrent Wainscott
Once again, College Gameday has some explaining to do. For the 2nd time in just four weeks, the entire panel of College Gameday picked Kentucky's opponent to beat them. In fact, Lee Corso said Mississippi State would win easily. Lee Corso also said Mississippi State would win big. Here's the proof: Desmond Howard even went as far as to say that Mississippi State's defense would shut down Benny Snell. By the way, Benny Snell ran for 165 yards and had four touchdowns. We have the receipts for those, as well: Well, Kentucky players are tired of the disrespect. Kash Daniel thinks that the Gameday crew needs to get a new gig because apparently, they aren't too good at picking teams. Kash even said it stays in the back of his mind that teams always pick Kentucky to lose no matter what, just because it's Kentucky football. And for Lee Corso, who said it was going to be an easy win for the Bulldogs tonight, in the words of Kash Daniel, "Lee it wasn't an easy win tonight brother. It was an easy win for us though." Not only was Kash upset, but his running mate, Jordan ones, is questing what else does Kentucky have to do to get the respect from College Gameday and the rest of the country? "I saw this picture on ESPN, and everybody picked Mississippi State. Same when we played Florida, and we keep proving people wrong, so I don't know what else we have to prove. It's a long season, and we're not done yet." After the Florida game, Rece Davis came out and apologized to the BBN saying he would never disrespect Kentucky again, but what about the rest of the Gameday crew? Who knows if they will apologize, but one thing has been sure throughout the first four weeks; These Cats keep proving people wrong. Hey, @OldTakesExposed do your thing.

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