College-themed cheeseburgers are a new thing

Stuart Hammerabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Stuart HammerStuart Hammer


sonic-burger Step aside, Yankee Candle; your plan to introduce the most ridiculous college-sponsored item has been foiled. Sonic drive-in has begun rolling out a series of cheeseburgers emblazoned with the logos of your favorite teams. Yes, cheeseburgers… With an authentic color logo steamed right on the bun. The drive-in chain has introduced its new line of cheeseburgers just in time for college football season, and the first wave of “team burgers” will feature teams from the Midwest, including teams in Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. Each school’s burger is designed to have different toppings and ingrediants in an effort to capture the school spirit. Like the Oklahoma “Sooner Brisket Cheeseburger” piled high with barbecue, or the University of Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun “Bulldog Burger” with spicy Tabasco mayo and pepper jack cheese. Sonic says the logos are made with tapioca starch and are completely edible, made with USDA-certified food colorings. The logos are steamed onto the bun via wax paper just before the burgers are served. But all that effort is going to cost you. Sonic says the price of these burgers will go up a whopping 10 cents because of the licensing and royalty fees for the universities. No word on if the promotion will continue to roll out nation-wide, but I imagine these burgers will be a hit with sports fans everywhere. Just in case the crazy idea decides to come to the Bluegrass, what would Kentucky’s Sonic burger be? “Hot Brown” — A signature entrée of Kentucky, the Hot Brown burger is topped with turkey, bacon, and smothered in cheese sauce. “Mingua Jerkyburger” — A standard Sonic cheeseburger with the added bite of beef jerky. Also available in Grippos flavor. “Boone’s Burger” — Similar to the Mingua Jerkeyburger, the Boone’s Burger is a meat patty topped with more meat. But instead of the dried variety it’s stacked with a steak, grilled to order. (Please allow extra time for well-done steaks) “Bourbon Burger” — Use your imagination. What is your favorite Kentucky-themed burger?

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