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Keenan's attempting an NFL comeback from this season-ending injury in 2009 (photo via here) During the Rich Brooks' era, a certain Kentucky wide receiver consistently stood out during his four year career and made us all believe he would enjoy a long, sustainable professional career in the NFL.  Despite only playing eight games in his first two seasons as a Cat, Keenan Burton left a lasting impact with both his receiving stats and his class' success on the field.  Here's his Wikipedia page recap of his statistical career:
Burton played in 45 games total in his career at Kentucky as a wide receiver and kick returner. He ranks fourth in school history in receptions, third in receiving yards, second in touchdowns, and he ranks third in all purpose yards and was the fifth player to amass over 4,000 all purpose yards
Unfortunately, Burton had a season-ending knee injury (seen above) while with the St. Louis Rams in 2009.  While Spagnuolo said they were going to "miss his leadership", Keenan was released in September of 2010.  He has not made his way back to the NFL field in two seasons, but he did sign with a UFL team in August of 2011. Plenty of Kentucky fans have probably been wondering what happened to Keenan.  News has come out in that past couple days that Keenan Burton is attempting a comeback, attending the Arizona Cardinals minicamp this past week (source).  While it is entirely too early to tell if this legendary Cat will actually make the team or see the field this coming season, it is great to hear that he is working hard and putting himself in a position to succeed again. Keenan did some great stuff at UK and UofL/LSU/UGA victories and bowl game streak will always be UK football highlights.  I've come to learn more about Keenan in an odd way through my girlfriend and her friends -- apparently his father, Ed Burton, is a legendary figure at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville (right across the street from UofL), where Keenan also went to school.  Ed is a former Morehead State athlete who works at the school and is known as a legitimately friendly and awesome guy around town.  His cult status among students caused a lot of Louisvillians to cheer for Keenan at UK.  Ed also posed for this epicly awesome picture that Keenan posted to Facebook, so he's cool in my book: Like a boss.  I love it.  I believe that is a young Keenan Burton, too. We here at KSR sincerely wish Keenan the best of luck.  He gave us a lot of happy times as UK football fans, and we all know he has what it takes to be a legitimate NFL receiver.  He recently tweeted "we will see" and that he's not sure if he will end up an Arizona Cardinal.  Regardless, we'll always be thankful Keenan didn't become a Louisville Cardinal. Best of luck, Keenan.  Go Cats!

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