Coming "June": 30 Days of Entertainment
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Coming "June": 30 Days of Entertainment

Megan Suttlesover 5 years


Article written by:Megan SuttlesMegan Suttles
coming soon-01 June is finally here and we've got a lot on our plates.  We all need to perfect our sunglasses/raccoon eyes tan lines all while grilling things that shouldn't be grilled.  Everyone knows that June is the best month of the year to spend outside.  Here a few things to look forward to watching when you have had too much sun:  June 1: Season 2 of New Kid on the Block's Rock This Boat (Don't deny your teenage self this series) June 2: Game 1 of the NBA Finals. (prediction: Lebron whines; Curry makes impossible shots) June 3: Ultimate Date Night Conundrum: Watch Me Before You or Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping June 4: National Cheese Day, celebrate till your lactose tolerance gives out June 5: Miss USA - I hope this is how Donald Trump picks his running mate! June 6: Even though it feels like Season one of Angie Tribeca ended a few months ago, season two is here! June 7: California's Primary Election: I can't believe this is still a thing June 8: The Americans finale, hopefully by this point Stan has put the pieces together for what could be the best payoff in television history. June 9: Bonnaroo Music Festival Begins! It will be an epic battle of who can care less and smell the worst June 10: Now You See Me 2 debuts. To which everyone replies, "no you don't." June 11: The 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I think we should all celebrate by wearing a fabulous geometric-print vest ialcr_fullxfull.149672 June 12: The day Hamilton wins all the Tony Awards June 13: On this day, Apple has its annual developer's conference.  I'm assuming it will be an even bigger phone June 14: ABC debuts a new sitcom titled, Uncle Buck.  Sadly, it does not list John Candy's hologram as a cast member. June 15: Season 8 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee airs on Crackle (whatever that is) John Oliver and Lorne Michaels are just a few of the caffeinated guests. June 16: World Juggling Day & World Fudge Day.  Don't confuse the two. June 17: Orange is the New Black returns & Finding Dory debuts. June 18: James Franco reboots a 1996 Lifetime Lesbian Vampire Lifetime movie titled Mother May I Sleep with Danger. What a time to be alive. June 19: If necessary, Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  (Either Lebron or Steph's children should plan to make one heck of an awesome tie cake) June 20: Real House of Orange County returns!  Maybe this will be the year Vicki doesn't try to make "Whoop it up" a thing.  A girl can hope. June 21: Oprah's series titled Greenleaf begins.  The series is about a scandalous megachurch.  Sounds about as uplifting as any of her Oprah's book club picks June 22: Adele sings at The Glastonbury Music Festival.  We all have an intense case of FOMO. June 23: Get out your best gaudy suit.  It's NBA draft day! June 24: Independence 2: Resurgence hits the theaters. Riots ensues if there is no Will Smith song to accompany it. June 25: Lifetime airs the sequel that nobody requested: Centre Stage: On Pointe (I am more upset about this than the Ghostbuster roboot) June 26: Sadly, Game of Thrones season 6 comes to an end. I'm just assuming at this point they are all dead. June 27: Very British Problems, based off of the twitter feed, becomes a show on Channel 4.  I'm not sure if this is something I can access, but it's worth looking into. June 28: Resident Evil 5 is released. Sadly, it still won't top Diddy Kong Racing. June 29:Today's the day you can buy Prince's purple rain jacket at the Prince's Memorabilia Auction. Fact: You won't be able to fit in it June 30: Netflix releases a new series titled, A Very Secret Service Described as a cross between The Office and James Bond, the show is Netflix's attempt at more international appeal. We are halfway through 2016.  If June is any indication of what the rest of the year holds, it will be six months of unnecessary Lifetime recreations, summer blockbusters and depressing season finales.

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