Coming to an underprivileged country near you

Hunter Campbellover 9 years


Someone at Kansas got a little trigger-happy with the school website earlier today, because for a short time the Kansas official website was already celebrating a Jayhawk national championship. Visitors were greeted with "Congratulations Kansas Jayhawks on the 2012 Final Four Championship!" and "Show your team pride with this Kansas Jayhawks 2012 Mens Basketball Nothin But Net Champ Tee." The shirt is pictured above, and although the site wasn't proclaiming victory for long, it was long enough for local news outlets and Yahoo! to pick up on the snafu. This won't qualify as motivational material, but it could potentially serve as a jinx on Kansas which is something I would be in favor of. Mainly it's just a good opportunity to laugh at someone in Lawrence, and get a peek at what the KU shirts would look like if they weren't destined to be clothing a Caribbean village-full of new Jayhawk fans by morning. Three hours, 23 minutes and counting until the Cats bring it home.

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