Confessions From the Undergrad

As this blog has blossomed (that word always makes me think of Six) from a non-profiting, thrill seeking, brow beating, gossip spewing brand of UK athletics into a non-profiting, thrill seeking, brow beating, gossip spewing brand of UK athletics with a part-time ESPN gig, many are probably wondering when the Intern will get handed his walking papers. Won’t Matt now have access to “real” interns with bright eyes and even brighter futures? Yes, yes he will. However, only a nosy UK student with a mint of connections strewn throughout this obscenely spread-out campus can bring you the juice. Only a shamelessly nosy undergrad can feast in the campus watering holes in search of that ripe piece of…athlete gossip that Jerry Tipton can’t get with a tape recorder and an early bedtime. So until I slip up and say “gay” on live air, it looks like the Intern will still be brewing it up for the time being. So, without further ado, here are the goods: Two different people have approached me about an apparent John Lucas, Sr. sighting at an on-campus eatery yesterday. Each source knows their hoops, and JL Sr. would not be difficult to ascertain on UK’s campus. He was flanked by Tubby and Hobbes, and the three were seen yucking it up and having a good conversation. Of course, since I did not see it with my own eyes, I cannot stamp it as fact, but, to quote a source, “if it wasn’t Mr. Lucas then it was a damn good look-a-like”…perhaps Sherman Helmsley? John Lucas, movin' on up Ok, so that was about as juicy as a cold Gusher, but if in fact true, it’s an interesting development to say the least. You would think that the father of a recruit wouldn’t fly into town for a handshake, a burger, and bad news, right? Maybe I’m digging too deep, but hey, it’s a bone to gnaw on while we fretfully countdown to crunch time. Now, if I were a bettin' man... Also, the early spread for the Cats/Dawgs showdown on Saturday has been set at UGA -6 ½ . I try to make a habit of never bettin of Blue, but I’ve sat in the cold, pitiless bleachers of Commonwealth far too often to have confidence. But, those who know football far beyond my amateurish realm really think UK is a lock. My trusty confidante (aka Gerry DiNardo) was between the hedges for the UGA/Vandy game, and is adamant that UK will finally reel in the big one. Hope I’m wrong…and I’m still not taking your bait, Vegas! Don't worry, this won't be a theme A quick golf clap to the UK men’s soccer team. I know, soccer is only a sport in Europe, Mexico, and contemporary bourgeois America, but I appreciate the achievements of all the sports who wear a UK jersey. After finishing the regular season ranked 13th in the nation, the soccer team kicks off the C-USA tourney in Tulsa tomorrow. Yes, they play in the C-USA, don’t ask questions I can’t answer. I have several good buddies on the squad, and I hope they continue to keep UK in the national spotlight…well, the NCAA soccer spotlight, so I guess it’s more like a Mag-lite.

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