Congressman thanks DeMarcus Cousins from the floor of the House

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


It's not everyday that DeMarcus Cousins' name is mentioned on the floor of the House, but that was the case today when Alabama congressman Bradley Byrne congratulated Cousins on his gold medal and thanked him for his commitment to the city of Mobile. "While his play on the court is to be commended," Byrne said. "I was more impressed by DeMarcus' work back home in Alabama. DeMarcus recently held a free basketball camp for young children at his alma mater, LeFlore High School. Following the basketball camp, DeMarcus organized an important conversation about relations between members of the African-American community and law enforcement." "Like many communities across the nation, my hometown of Mobile has faced our share of challenges in this area. But thanks to local leaders and leaders like DeMarcus Cousins, Mobile can serve as a prime example of how to defuse racial tension and increase understanding between all members of our community." See the clip that aired live on C-SPAN: At a time when our country is arguing over protesting national anthems and flags, Boogie is putting his celebrity to good use by actually being proactive for the cause and doing something about it in the communities affected. Yet he is still painted as one of the bad guys of the NBA when I'd be willing to bet no one in the entire league does as much good as he does off the court. Now if only Sacramento can get him in the playoffs one year...

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