Cookin with Beano....aka "Ramblings of a Mad Man"

Cookin with Beano....aka "Ramblings of a Mad Man"

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Beano Cook has always been fascinating to me. When I was a kid, he was the face of college football on ESPN and he spent Saturday mornings yelling at the camera incoherently. I remember one day in particular when Beano began ranting about how great "Notra Dame" was and how "Minneeesota" was underrated and I realized that Beano lived in his own demented world....and we were just privy to watch from the outside. Well Beano has taken that same lunatic, old man yelling at the kids in the park style to college basketball. If you click on the ESPN College Basketball Page and go to the ESPN Motion videos, you will find Beano ranting about Kentucky basketball. Now ESPN long ago stopped putting Beano on actual television, and I thought he might have been sent out to pasture, only to find him on ESPN Motion today.....what a treat! But he doesnt have much to say that is kind about UK.....he rants about the fans, the program, the new SEC and then BIZARRELY he goes into a two minute bitch session about how the Cats did not deserve the 1958 title over Temple and Seattle. It truly is amazing in its weirdness and it makes me wonder if Beano has been taking his meds......but if he hasnt and it means more of this ranting.....well sign me up!

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