Could Andrew Wiggins Miss McD's Game?

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This kid is ridiculously good at basketball. We all know that Andrew Wiggins is the most desired recruit in the country right now, even though he is two years removed from joining any college team. For now. The biggest rumor circulating the scouting circuit is that Andrew Wiggins will reclassify to the class of 2013. Our ol' pal Adam Zagoria posted this blog raising a valid issue: If Andrew Wiggins doesn't reclassify soon, he could be next in the list of No. 1 players to miss the McDonald's All-American Game. The McD's game is by far the most prestigious and sought-after all-star game for high school kids in the country. Right behind it is the Jordan Brand Classic, but there is a reason that being a 'burger boy' is one of the highest accomplishments for graduating seniors. But that's the issue -- you have to be, officially, a graduating high school player (within 4 years) to be eligible for the game. In recent memory, a couple of high profile No. 1 players have missed the McDonalds game. And both of those players chose to go to Kentucky. Both John Wall and Nerlens Noel were not eligible to participate in the McDonald's game. Wall's situation had to do with him being fifth-year kid in prep school, while Noel's situation mirrors exactly with Wiggins'. Noel reclassified a bit late after months of debate, and he did meet the all-star game's requirements. Could Wiggins be the next UK guy to miss the game while also being the No. 1 overall player in his class? There is no doubt at this point that this phenom will be the top player, whichever class he ends up in. Hopefully he makes a decision soon, so that he can shine in the nation's best all-star game, as his talent deserves.

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