Could the Cuse Be in the House?

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cuse Since Calipari has been at Kentucky, it has been interesting to see the flow of "behind the scenes" information. Whereas the past two administrations were very close-mouthed and thus leaks would occur with info and "inside sources" abounded, Calipari is more open and thus everyone tends to know every thing. Thus the need for sources has changed and most people tend to hear information at the same rate. However some exceptions are with scheduling. A source told me last night that it is likely we could see Kentucky vs Syracuse next year in Madison Square Garden as part of the SEC-Big East Challenge. Both schools want to play each other and it is likely this will be the feature game of the Challenge. Jim Boeheim's wife has a family that lives in Middlesboro. That led to a moment I loved when I lived in Washington DC in 2003 and was listening to the great Tony Kornheiser's radio show. He came back from commercial laughing and said to Jim Boeheim, "So Mr. Bigshot, Mr. National Championship....tell everyone where you are right at this moment." And Boeheim laughed and said, "I am at the Wendys Drive Thru in Middlesboro, Kentucky." I almost fell out of my chair with excitement as Kornheiser cackled with laughter. Then Tony's next guest was James Carville, who had to cut his segment short because he was having lunch with President Clinton. Tony asked Carville where the President was taking him to eat and James said, "well of course only the finest for the President...the Wendys Drive-thru in Middlesboro, Kentucky." That wont have much to do with the game, but it still makes me happy. And if you have forgotten, Al Mcguire doing a dance with the "Cuse is in the House" Syracuse team of 1996:

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