Could this be the last time we see #18 at Commonwealth?

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
hartline-cobb-hug If there's been a constant in the last three years of inconsistencies, it's been the steady play and dreamy eyes of Randall Cobb, who committed to UK prior to his senior year of high school with only an offer from Middle Tennessee State on the table.  In the three years since, he's done essentially everything but stop the run (but, then again, who has?) in clawing his way through the UK record books and finding a safe little resting spot in the hearts of all UK fans.  Now, with two games remaining, a painful reality is setting in.  This could be the last year that the Legend of Cobb grows in Lexington. According to Chip Cosby, who always brings you the news in the most fashionable way, in today's meeting with the media, Cobb admitted that he's given some thought to the idea that this could be his last game in front of the half-assed Commonwealth crowd.  But, calm down.  He's not saying he's leaving.  He's just saying he knows that there's a decision to be made and that, for now, he plans on putting his name out there to see where he's projected.  Where it goes from there, he's not sure.  Here is what he told Cosby:
“It’s hard,” he said. “It’s going to be one of the hardest decisions I’ll make. There’s a lot that I still want to accomplish. There’s still a lot that I’ve set my mind for to try and do for this program. We haven’t made all the expectations I planned on, but we have done a lot the past three years I’ve been here. There’s a lot that’s going to weigh into the decision.”
Ahh, The Decision.  Love that phrase.  Nonetheless, Joker said that he's open to the idea of Cobb again making the sun shining on Mike Hartline brighter and letting him participate in Senior Day festivities.  Cobb told Cosby that he didn't plan on taking part because he hasn't made his decision.  Seems logical. Well, I made my decision a long time ago, Randall.  I love you.  Facebook me. Chip Cosby story here

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