Couple Cats get "Honorable Mentions" for college ball's top dunks

Corey Nicholsover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
The painful image of my elementary athletic endeavors.  Thanks, Collins Lane. Anymore, I almost feel bad for taking Aaron's Bachelor recap from the top of the site, so let's make this quick, shall we? What's your favorite basketball play?  Is it the dunk shot?  I bet it's the dunk shot.  Either that or the violent backdoor cut, right?  But no, probably the dunk shot. We've seen a few good ones so far this season, and a Mr. Troy Machir from NBC Sports decided to go all Letterman and give the people a Top Ten.  Unfortunately, Kentucky didn't make that list.  This isn't 2012, you know.  A couple Cats did, however, get "honorable mentions" for nasty throwdowns.  Let's take a moment today, before we shift attention to the Cocks, to take a little walk down memory lane and recall what these guys are capable of, shall we? First on the list is Archie Goodwin's throwdown over some anonymous Portland defender.  Portland seems to have the worst luck when it comes to getting dunked on; either that or their coach drew up a play called "Posterized" that he likes to throw out once or twice a game, because it seems like every year we get a highlight video out of them. The second Wildcat on this list is, of course, Nerlens, with his pull-up, over-the-top, alley-oop dunk against Auburn.  Some say he didn't literally jump over the guy, and that he just lifted himself higher.  I say, he still extended a ridiculous distance over that defender, and to finish a dunk through that kind of contact, whether he "jumped over him" or not, is still ridiculous.  Take a look again: So while neither made the list, let's keep in mind that the season's not over, and we have South Carolina tonight.  The Gamecocks could be our chance to knock Jamaal Franklin out of the top spot. Although let's be real, that's probably not going to happen.  I half expected to hear "Servin' it up!" and see a Yeti run down the court behind him. Yes, that was an NBA Street reference. Now, please continue to complain about The Bachelor post below.  No, I can't believe they still let him do it either.

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