Create Your Own Story: The Brohm Incident

Create Your Own Story: The Brohm Incident

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
brohm A couple of weeks ago I wrote on this blog about a mini run-in that a KSR writer had with a former Sports Illustrated cover star at a local Louisville establishment. Many of you likely assumed it was the famous "Chris Tomlin confronts Kathy Ireland at Gattitown event" that got all the press, but not exactly. While at Molly Malones, a former Louisville football player and I had....well lets just say an "interaction" that was strange to say the least. We talked about the story on the co-host Trevor Kelsey of the "L Yes" Report convinced me to let the name fly, and so now it is out....current Green Bay backup and leader of the "Bye Brett, It was Nice to Know You" Fan Club, Brian Brohm. The interaction was simple. A mutual friend of ours came up to me and said, "let me introduce you to Brian Brohm." Being the friendly young chap that I am, I said ok and went and shook his hand. I immediately however realized I was entering into enemy territory as his table was full of Louisville fans staring at me with the "rich Trinity guy who thinks he is from the streets" look. I said hello to Brian, who was very nice....we chatted a bit about Green Bay and our mutual liking of Johnny "The Freak" and parted in a friendly manner. I went back to my "posse" (think a group of lawyers who spent most of the evening arguing whether one of our group could be "All Defensive Team" in the WNBA) and forgot about the entire affair. As we were set to leave, Mollys became packed and we tried to squeeze ourselves out the door, I reached the back door, nodded to Brohm and he said, "hey, I hear you talk a lot of **** about me on the radio." Next to him at this point are some larger guys with the "we could have played football at UL" look and next to me are a group of "we are currently lawyers and we are currently in the process of losing our hair" look. Not exactly a great trade off for a confrontation. I think of something clever to come up with this "I dont think I have, but if I did, I am sure it was true." At that point my group sort of pushes me out the door and we all go our separate my case, as quick as possible. Now since that event, debates have raged on what happened. I thought at the time that Brohm was serious in his comment. My assumption was that the group of the "Trinity Mafia" told Brohm who I was after I left and got him a bit riled up. Some in my group think he was kidding and just giving me a hard time, using the fact that he laughed at my comment back as proof. Either way, the incident has been the most fodder for my group's conversation since Hubby met Beau Zach Smith in a dark alley next to PTs eight years ago. So the question becomes for the clever masses out there....finish the story. If I stayed in the restaurant, what was the next step? Make it your own "Choose Your Own Adventure"....the best and most creative answer gets a signed "Fear the Woo" t-shirt. Have at it......

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