Critical KSR Bloggers: Five Questions

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DrewFranklinKSR's blogging octet spent the better part of Friday afternoon hobnobbing at the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Palomar, brain-picking each other on some of the internet’s current issues. From the best meme generating websites to their comrades in blogging; from WordPress plug-ins to the proper usage of the word “grundle“; from the Goonies to YouTube as a whole. I promised them anonymity, and in exchange, they gave me honest answers. In this blog post, I’ll put out five topics of discussion and give you the array of results, straight from the KSR bloggers’ mouths. Yes, this is me mocking -------------------------- Question: If you could intern under Pat Forde, Rick Bozich, Pete Thamel, Jerry Tipton or Dana O'Neil, which would you choose? Pat Forde - 0 percent Rick Bozich - 0 percent Pete Thamel - 0 percent Jerry Tipton - 0 percent Dana O'Neil - 0 percent "I'd rather sh*t in my hand and clap." - 100 percent Quotes that stuck: On Forde... "Forde is a very talented journalist, one I could learn from, but I don't think I could work out of an office that is decorated with pictures of Rick Pitino." On Bozich... "I'm trying to learn how to advance my career, not learn how to take a step backwards." On Thamel... "If I want to spend entire days looking into the personal lives of high school kids, I'll get a catering job on the set of Glee. The mood would be so much happier there." On Tipton... "Typewriters had a huge influence on modern technology, but I don't think I could go back to using one. Besides, I'm looking for at least a six-month internship, something with stability and a promising future. Not a newspaper. " On O'Neil... "Unless she can put me through to Doris Burke, I'm not interested." -------------------------- Question: If you could cover any university other than Kentucky, which would it be? Louisville - 25 percent Indiana - 25 percent Lehigh - 12.5 percent Transy - 12.5 percent Phoenix - 12.5 percent (None) - 12.5 percent Quotes that stuck: On Louisville... "I wouldn't mind covering Louisville for three reasons: (1.) It's easy to get to a bowl game, so you're almost guaranteed a free three-day trip somewhere and an additional day of tailgating -- even if it is Christmas in Charlotte. (2.) Longer summers; the basketball team rarely goes as far as Kentucky and NBA Draft coverage is meaningless. (3.) If you don't feel like reporting something, like Rick Pitino knocking up some skank in a restaurant, you just ignore it. You pick and choose the work. On Indiana... "Covering Indiana is the closest thing to following Kentucky because IU fans and Coach Crean are so obsessed with what Calipari is doing in Lexington. Plus, the Hoosier hang on to positive stories forever, like Christian Watford's buzzer-beater. It was eight months ago, not even that important, and the fans still talk about it. Even when the story doesn't have a happy ending, like losing in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament to Kentucky by double digits, Indiana still makes a trophy case for it. The mood is always so positive in Bloomington." On Lehigh... "Duke jokes never get old and Lehigh has a reason to laugh for a long, long, long time." -------------------------- Question: Which national media member spends at least 5% of his/her salary at Abercrombie & Fitch? 1.) Gary Parrish — 87.5 percent 2.) Dick “Hoops” Weiss — 12.5 percent Quotes that stuck: On Parrish… “Sweet flip-flops, Dad. It really complements the faux hawk and puka shell necklace.” On Weiss… “I’ve never met Hoops Weiss but I like to picture him sitting courtside in skinny jeans and a baby blue tank top.” -------------------------- Question: Who is the most underrated college basketball writer/blogger? Aaron's UK Basketball Links - 50 percent Matt Norlander - 12.5 percent Eric Lindsey - 12.5 percent Not Jerry Tipton - 12.5 percent Steve Scott - 12.5 percent Quotes that stuck: On Aaron's UK Basketball Links... "6:51 PM, every weeknight. Not a minute earlier, not a minute later." On Norlander... "In my opinion, he is's most talented writer but he's overshadowed by Parrish and Goodman. He has a bright future in the business and will one day be a top tier college basketball journalist." On Lindsey... "Like Norlander, Eric Lindsey of has a bright future but isn't a household name just yet. I wish he'd write a book about Coach Cal." On Not Jerry Tipton... "The best part about NJT isn't his satire humor in his weekly KSR posts; it's the people who complain, thinking he is actually Jerry Tipton. The comments section of his noon post is always the best part of my Friday afternoon." On Steve Scott... "I just wanted to say Steve Scott." -------------------------- Question: Does Bryan The Intern suck? 1.) Yes: 100 percent 2.) No: 0 percent Quotes that stuck: On BTI sucking... “BTI sucks.” --------------------------

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