Crowd Surfing With The Final Four FanCam

Crowd Surfing With The Final Four FanCam

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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The NCAA FanCam is online and it'll take up two hours of your evening if you're not careful. I spent a good chunk of my Thursday night looking through the final and semifinal photos for Ken Jeong and Lil Wayne in the crowd, but never had any luck. I did find some people you might recognize, though. Check it out... ************** It's not a Kentucky student section without referee guy in the front row: "Everyday I'm Russellin'!" #R1R4... These twins are so identical, they even walk and text at the exact same time... This guy: Can you find Pat Forde, our good friend Troy from Ballin' Is A Habit, and a lady holding in a fart? Hova in the building! Hey, look! A Morris twin! And a woman with a deformed face! This Louisville fan in the top row is upset about something: A FanCam two-for-one! Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudekis: "Be at class in the morning!!!!" Best Twitter friends, Rex Chapman and Josh Hopkins:

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