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Curly Howard's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
curley.bmp It has been a while since we have brought out the News and Views and what better person to bring it back than a legend who would have been 103 years young today. It is quite an honor indeed if someone can call you the shining light of the Three Stooges and Curly Howard has that honor. The most physical of the comics in the classic threesome, Curly was known as "the bald one" and was the most irreplaceable member of the group, as seen by the down "Schemp" years when he left the show. The Three Stooges were mindless, physical comedy at its absolute best and its timelessness can still be seen by watching any kids' (or Hubby's) reaction to an old episode now. From my perspective, the Three Stooges were best known for their old Nintendo video game, which was, to be fair, really awful but somehow kept me entertained with its simplicity. Curly didnt seem to have much of a career outside of The Three Stooges, but as an old guy in Middlesboro used to say, "when you are Adolph Rupp, why do you need to be somebody else." Happy Birthday whereever you are Curly....I just hit myself on the head with a mallet in your honor. To the news..... (1) A lot went on this weekend from a football recruiting perspective and I will leave it to Rob Gidel to address much of that this afternoon. However until then, it bears mentioning that Saturday saw a HUGE assortment of football recruits at the game. 4 Star running back Andre Ellington, who is committed to Clemson, came on a visit to Kentucky....a great sign for the Cats as he is one of the most talented young runners in the country. Also locally Aaron Boyd and Winston Guy made the trip, along with other top Kentucky athletes, considering the Big Blue. While football recruiting is not my thing, it is clear from conversations with Rob and others that the quality of player considering UK this year is up from year's past.....and if enough consider, some will commit.....the buzz around UK football continues to rise and performances like Saturday....with Gameday in tow....continue to help. (2) This was also the coach's clinic for UK basketball this weekend and if you scroll down, you can read an excellent report on the festivities by one in attendance. Coaches from around the area got to watch UK practice and reports are very consistent from what we have been hearing in recent weeks. IT is clear that whether people are ready or not, the Coury Flurry is coming with reports ranging from him being on the starting five all the time to getting some minutes occasionally with the group. Coury looked good at Big Blue Madness and it is clear that he will get some PT this season if things continue at their current pace. We are hearing great things about the leadership of Ramel Bradley and the all-around game of Jodie Meeks. Plus more positive reports coming down on Razor Ramon and his likely role this year. And not one person who has seen Patrick Patterson has had anything but positive things to say about him. I am still worried about Joe Crawford and how he will respond in his senior season....his attitude and work ethic are CRUCIAL to this team reaching its potential. I hope he gets it and has the great senior year that he is capable of having. (3) Some recruiting news that is a bit troubling. is reporting that 2010 wunderkid Trae Golden has committed to Ohio State, a frustrating decision as it was likely that Kentucky was his second choice. Golden will end up being a top 5 player in his class and an early commitment for him would have been the steal of the century. However with the time Billy Clyde has for the 2010 class, no one should be too concerned.....especially with KC Ross-Miller and Dakotah Euton already on board. Also, the Ville keeps getting commitments adding Jared Swopshire and Terrence Jennings in the last week. The Cards are stepping up their recruiting game, as Pitino certainly knows that Billy Clyde has raised Kentucky's. This rivalry is about to undergo a talent explosion in the next few years, which should elevate to its rightful place atop the college basketball landscape. Now Pitino just needs to win a game or two..... (4) Chris Singleton visited Florida State this weekend, which may end up being his final visit. It is likely that the Cats and Seminoles represent his final two choices and a decision could come any time over the next couple of weeks. Chris may be on the show on Wednesday of this week (cross your fingers) and we hopefully can get some indication. I always hate going up against Leonard Hamilton, because you just never know. But if the Cats have moved ahead of the Vols on this one, that is a good sign. As for Garrett Stutz, if an offer comes, he commits to UK. The question is just whether it is coming.... (5) Gameday was excellent all the way around. Below is a video by the folks at the Herald Leader on the festivities which is very good. It includes our man Charlie Starling, he of the UK football song and a former college friend of many at Kentucky Sports Radio. He has the "Hannah Montana" sign, which was great. Below are some pictures we and others took of the best signs from our perspective. The creativity was great all the way personal favorite was the Kige one, but you also have to give it up for the Henry Earl and the Woodson/Tebow ones. The site Football Jesus had a great rundown of the signs which you should check out as well. All in all, a great day....and a great day for the University. Look for the beginning of our annual player previews on Monday..... gameday1.jpg gameday2.jpeg gameday3.jpeg gameday10.jpeg gameday4.jpeg gameday5.jpeg gameday6.jpeg gameday7.jpeg gameday9.jpeg gameday8.jpeg

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