Curtis Pulley v. Andre Woodson

by:Matt Jones04/11/06
Well the story so far in Spring Practice for the UK football team is the change in first team QB status, as Andre Woodson, he of the frustrating passing, worse running and general mediocrity has been passed by Curtis Pulley, he of the no passing, great running and.....being from Hop-town. Now most of the pundits, of which I am not one, have declared that the rational reason for this is that Pulley is better for this team, meaning that because UK is so lean at wide receiver at this point, and their strength is in the backfield, it makes sense that you would have a QB who can take advantage of those benefits and thus Pulley. Now I question that logic, especially in light of the recent injury to Rafael Little. It would seem to me (and believe me I am not John Madden....maybe more like Tony Kornheiser with hair) that the weakness at Wide Receiver would counsel having the best passing QB possible behind the center. Look, the days of three yards and a cloud of dust are over. Winning college teams now HAVE to pass the ball. Having Pulley in the backfield with other great runners, gives us nothing but a lot of runners that will see 8-9 men in the box, knowing that there is no threat of a pass, and thus negating our only true strengths. The QB issue highlights a greater issue about this team to me. I am confident that Kentucky will not be as good as people think....not even close actually. All of the optimism around this team is built on its recruiting class. But how many of these guys are going to play and have an impact next year? One, maybe two.....Micah and Corey Peters will see action and be important, but do folks really believe that coming directly out of high school that they are better than their SEC opponents? I dont. Curtis Pulley is the flavor of the day.....and given a choice of having a QB who is from Hop-town and one who is not, I will take Hop-town. But I saw him at QB last year.....and it wasnt pretty. Woodson was no Brooke Burke, but he also wasnt Kurt Warner's wife either. I cast my lot firmly in the parking spot of Woodson....he should be the QB. Well at least for now.....until Duncan or one of our other football guys convinces me otherwise.

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