Dakari Johnson talks about his workout with the Lakers
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Dakari Johnson talks about his workout with the Lakers

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="625"] (Ty Nowell/Lakers.com)[/caption] Dakari Johnson went through his first team workout yesterday with the Los Angeles Lakers, who have the 2nd, 27th, and 34th picks in the Draft. Dakari showed off the slimmer physique we've seen in pictures over the past week, and after the workout was over, told reporters he thought it went well. “(The Lakers) tested your skills and stuff like that,” Johnson said. “Just your basketball playmaking ability. I thought it was a really good workout.” When asked, Dakari said Portland center Robin Lopez is the NBA player whose game is most similar to his, and his competitive edge will set him apart from the rest of the big guys in the draft. It wouldn't be an interview with a former Cat if the subject of Kentucky and Calipari weren't raised. When asked, Dakari said the most important thing he learned at Kentucky was how to play unselfishly. "Just to be unselfish. I'm not a selfish player. [The platoon system] forced us to be unselfish and really be about our teammates," Dakari said. "[Calipari] really pushes you. He pushes you to your limits." Keep it up, slightly-not-as-big fella.

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