Dallas Mavericks interested in Rondo

Cuban Rondo Heads up, Cuban! Catch! This week has seen one of the wackiest NBA drafts in history, full of surprises and trades. It felt like someone had spiked our bourbon with acid, and we were all simultaneously witnessing a bizarro NBA scene, full of draft picks having no idea where they were going even after being chosen and the top talents (Noel and McLemore) falling out of the top 5. Also, Cody Zeller. That is all. Including in the craziness was the official disappearance of the 'Big 3' from Boston, along with coach Doc Rivers. You may recall headlines with Rivers earlier this month, where sources claimed he butted heads with Rondo too much. Now that Rivers is gone, trade rumors regarding Rondo are picking up big time heat. Today, news broke that the Dallas Mavericks are trying to acquire Rajon Rondo. The Mavs are supposedly going hard  after Dwight Howard, and it seems that having Rondo at PG could lure the big man to Dallas, who clearly needs a primetime PG to get him buckets whether he wants to admit it or not. The Boston blog linked above has a bit more information. Check this bit out:
 I can tell you that it doesn't have a lot of information beyond Ainge telling the Mavericks that they are not interested in trading Rondo and the Mavs pursuing the conversation anyway. As I said, Ainge will always listen.
Another important NBA-writer to listen to on the subject is Adrian Wojnarowski, who  absolutely killed it with accuracy on draft night. Check out Wojo's tweets on this Mavs-Rondo stuff:
Mavs would love having Rajon Rondo to chase Dwight Howard, but Boston needs Dallas to take multiple contracts off its books, sources say. As http://Dallasbasketball.com  says, Celts/Mavs talked some Rondo. Celtics like Larkin, but how do Mavs take contracts and keep space for Howard?
Keep an eye out as things develop for one of the league's best point guards. Having Rondo in Boston has made the Celtics a UK fan favorite, but that could all change soon if he's on the move.