Damien Harris responds to Alabama sorority girl's racist rant

Drew Franklinover 3 years


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There is an awful, awful video making its way all over the internet today from the University of Alabama. In it, an Alabama student from the Alpha Phi sorority says some horribly racist things as her sisters giggle in the background. She then doubled down with a second video, which was even more offensive than the first. I'll spare you the specifics because you can probably guess what offensive word she used (frequently and viciously), on Martin Luther King Day of all days. The University of Alabama had this to say about its notorious student, who is going to have a hard time finding a job in this lifetime:
These remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of The University of Alabama. This unfortunate behavior has been reported to the Office of Student Conduct as it does not align with the community expectations of students at the Capstone.
Kentucky's own Damien Harris, the star running back on the Alabama football team, also commented on the matter: https://twitter.com/DHx34/status/953346298907955201 https://twitter.com/DHx34/status/953365308408025088 You can see the sickening videos here, but proceed with caution because they're disturbing. She has since been expelled from school.

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