Dan Wetzel: "Calipari, UK score with Hoops for Haiti"

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Dan Wetzel in his swagger suit. Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel wrote a great piece today on Coach Cal's Hoops for Haiti and how amazing it is that Calipari managed to pull it off mid-season.  As Kentucky fans, we couldn't be prouder of our coach and everyone that participated and contributed to Sunday's telethon.  We don't need attention from the national media to understand just how powerful and generous Big Blue Nation is.  But, sometimes, it doesn't hurt to hear it, either. From Wetzel's column:
Coaching the Wildcats is one of the most pressure-filled and time-consuming jobs in all of sports. This is no extracurricular activity. It’s close to a state religion. You win games or get fired. Calipari knows that. If anyone could’ve said, without guilt, that they could only help so much, it was him. He did the opposite.
It has been discussed on this site and others how ESPN failed to really mention Hoops for Haiti (other than the 20 second ESPN News coverage with that Korean guy) when discussing some of the charity work throughout the world of sports. What was done here in Kentucky over the past five days obviously wasn't done for the sake of publicity, but, it's hard to imagine how raising so much money in so little time could be ignored. It's good to see someone outside of Kentucky shining a positive light on Coach Cal and the program. You definitely want to take the time to read it... Calipari, UK score with 'Hoops for Haiti'

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