Dan Wolken Just Won't Quit

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
wolken Despite over nine months (9 months-can you believe that?) passing since John Calipari left Memphis and came to the Bluegrass, Memphis beat writer and everyone's favorite jilted lover, Dan Wolken, just can't seem to let go.  He goes through monthly, um, periods, where he has to take digs at Coach Cal.  Last month it was during the Bobby "Integrity of my Corporate Sponsored Sweaters" Knight fiasco where he famously said via his Twitter: The real story is how an elite program fell so hard, it had to buy Memphis’ recruiting class to recover.  That was last month.  Exactly one month later, Wolken is at it again, only this time he reaches a bit further to take his dig.  In this article in the Commercial Appeal, Wolken comes out swinging-
Of all the scars John Calipari left on the University of Memphis basketball program, the most damaging wasn't the vacated season, the NCAA probation or even the dismantling of the 2009 recruiting class, which his successor Josh Pastner had no chance to keep intact. Rather, the seeds of Memphis' tumble out of the national rankings this season were sewn in 2008 when the previous coaching staff made egregious misjudgments in evaluating local talent.
I shouldn't have to tell you that Wolken's logic is flawed.  Calipari had no idea in 2008 that he would be taking the Kentucky job, and I'm willing to bet that he had his eyes on a certain Alabama big man in the 2009 class that was much higher rated than a one Arnett Moultrie.  Had Cal stayed at Memphis, well, it would have been scary and I'm sure Moultrie wouldn't even register on Wolken's radar.  You can't really blame that on Cal, try as you may. Josh Pastner is doing a great job at Memphis and I have no doubt they'll be back in the Top 25 next season.  I just can't understand why Wolken continues to dwell on the past instead of being positive about the future of the program.  At this point, he just comes across as whiny and bitter. **UPDATE**  I understand that The Good Doctor, Jerry Tipton, was on the radio with Wolken this morning.  I have no clue what was said, but you can make your own inferences.  Anyone hear it?

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