Dana O'Neil Offers Insight Into Pearl's Precedent

Dana O'Neil Offers Insight Into Pearl's Precedent

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Probably not taken at Pearl’s house, but who can be sure anymore.

The biggest news outside of Kentucky this SEC season has all centered around the sweaty one from Tennessee and his inability to tell the truth when it matters.  Now with the investigation findings out and the NCAA ruling imminent, Dana O’Neil (or as we like to call her, the fake Mary Jo Perino,) has offered up a thorough look into the precedent Bruce Pearl will be facing – and it doesn’t look good.

In her piece, Dana notes that in the past two years, twenty cases have charged a coach or athletic department member with ‘unethical conduct,’ the same charge that Pearl is facing.  In all but one of those, the employee was served a two-year show-cause penalty.  A show-cause penalty essentially blacklists the employee from being hired by any other NCAA member institution by requiring any interested AD’s to appear before the NCAA and ‘show cause,’ why they should be able to hire them.  No AD has ever done that before (or at least it happens very rarely.)

O’Neil also goes on to estimate that the biggest violation Pearl committed was lying to the NCAA.  The violations alone, while certainly not good, wouldn’t receive as harsh a punishment as Pearl is likely to get for attempting to mislead the institution.

In no short words, things look gloomy in Knoxville.

Read Dana’s full piece here, and enjoy the game – nay, enjoy Fake Gimel Day!

Unrelated, I know, but I had to get it in.

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